June 25, 2018

Emma Watson Gallery weekly update

(x31) May 28, 2010: Stevenage

(x17) January 06, 2017: The Circle reshoot

(x31) May 29, 2011: Pittsburgh, Rhode Island
(x1) May 27, 2014: Toronto, Canada
(x3) January 01, 2016: Scotland
(x91) June 19, 2018: LA with Chord overstreet

(x13) May 20, 2010 Wizarding World of Harry Potter


Anonymous said...

Many thanks Eden for all your hard work!

Monic Taylor said...


"new" pictures:
Emma Watson was spotted in a grocery store in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. She has been in Tennessee from the last weekend. Thanks to Echols for the pict.

Anonymous said...

pictures from april. wish people would leave her alone.

Anonymous said...

Are you serious???
She definitely doesn't want to leave her alone.
All the last paps' pictures are the best example.
She cannot leave without fame.
Let's face it: no one (except for her incredibly devoted fans) are interested in what she is doing (or better to say: not doing) anymore.
Hence those terrible staged pics with this gay boy (nothing against gays).
And at the same time she says how low-profile she would like to be.
It's a kind of schizophrenic approach though...