July 22, 2018

Emma Watson departing from Florence, Italy [June 15, 2015]

And this is the last picture! It was very hard to pick only ten moments and I have more pictures that I haven't posted yet so I'm thinking I might do one of those "I'll post a new picture when I'll reach x number of followers". I always side-eye these kind of things as it sounds really desperate but I think it might be fun to sort of challenge people. Also, it took me a few hours to find some of those pictures so I might enjoy making you all work for them 😜

Finally, it seems to be a tremendous effort to scroll down 10 articles and click on the next page to find the most recent news so here's what you might have missed:

Emma Watson at the ‘From Violence to a Place of Power’ event in London [July 20, 2018]
Emma Watson at Hockey Futures launch in London [July 11, 2018]
Emma Watson will be in Amsterdam for the Aids Conference [July 2018]

Thanks to Ed.


Andrea Bria said...

I'm writing an email on (emma-c-watson@hotmail.fr)

Anonymous said...

Looking so pretty

Juli said...

Thanks for all these Eden!

Are there more pictures of her in Florence? I remember them but now I can't find any...

Anonymous said...

Eden posting all these posts to get the anniversary post off the front page.


Matilda said...

Thank you Eden!! You're wonderful and dedicated! ��������❤

Lisa said...

Wow Eden, it was pretty awesome to see new pictures. I understand why you were having doubts about posting them but it’s cool that you did it :)