August 21, 2018

Emma Watson wrote the preface for Gloria Steinem's 'Outrageous Acts and Everyday Rebellions'

From Gloria Steinem's interview with The Cut:
On how she prioritizes:
Poorly — prioritizing has to do with deadlines. I’ve always been a writer, so I need deadlines to get things done. Right now, I’m sitting here updating Outrageous Acts and Everyday Rebellions, a collection of essays that was first published in 1984, and has just been translated in French, and is now being republished in English with a preface by Emma Watson.

Thanks to Harlow.


Anonymous said...

I would have loved to see her become a successful actress. she is not the most talented one, but I don't think of her as a less skilled performer than the likes of Kristen Stewart, Shaileene Woodley, Lily Collins, Lily James and so on, and yet all of those actresses continue to act in many films and have careers which puts hers to SHAME (yes the capitol letters were intentional). It's a shame really, but apparently is not someone she pursue in lire, or it is somwthing she pursued but the later on she felt demotivated. It's something we fans have to accept.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for all the typos

Sam said...

Emma nunca vio la actuacción como su única opción por eso se pago una carrera universitaria, siempre estuvoeesada interesada en la vida académicapasión con la lectura. Estoy segura que algún día ella publicara un libro pero no como esas actrices que lo mandan a escribir se ve que Emma es muy dedicada en lo que hace y desde hace mucho escribe para artículos en revistas es algo que le gusta mas que el mundo glamuroso de Hollywood.

Anonymous said...

If she wants to be an activist so be it, but a white millionaire writing a preface to a republished book written by a white millionaire that will be read by nice middle class people studying literature/women's studies is not going to make one skerrick of difference to the poor, the oppressed, the women truly suffering and in need.

Recall heforshe, one report, produced on gender equality in universities.
Nice middle class subject, totally ignoring that millions of girls have no or very limited access to education.

#metoo; again heart in the right place, but does it help the millions in poverty who work in appalling dangerous conditions?

Vogue Australia guest editor; did someone say white middle class readership?

Emma seems to have quit acting to concentrate on the 'women's movement', but it all seems very safe.

Activism is about making a difference, not preaching to the converted.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 8/22/2018 09:33:00 am

It's not just the middle class who read books, even in women's studies. I'm very poor and I read all sorts of books and I'm in university - again, not always middle class.

Emma has done a lot of work with Camfed, an organization that works to send girls in impoverished countries to school, has worked with People Tree, making a difference through providing work for 300 artisans in her clothing line production alone - not to mention the publicity she brought to the company.

FANdemonium Network said...

Good news for all the Emma Watson fans out there. She will be replacing Emma Stone in the upcoming movie Little Women.