September 13, 2018

'Little Women' starring Emma Watson is looking for extras in Boston

BOSTON (CBS) — Interested in being in a movie with Meryl Streep and Emma Watson? ‘Little Women’ will be filming in Boston this October (October 6) through December and they are looking for extras.

The film is directed by Greta Gerwig who also directed ‘Ladybird.’

Extras Casting Director Kendall Cooper is looking for men, women, and children of all ethnicities and ages. Specifically, Cooper is looking for:

Men with beards, facial hair, and shaggy hair (1” – 5” length)
Women with natural hair (no highlights/colors)
Children and teenagers age 1-17 years old
An open call for SAG/AFTRA members will be on Saturday from 12 p.m. – 4 p.m. Non-union actors can submit their application through email.

For more information, visit the Kendal Cooper Casting – New England Facebook page.


alex said...

Donc c'est officiel ? Je pensais que c'était encore au stade de la rumeur pour Emma ! Et le tournage commence le mois prochain ? C'est tellement rapide tout ça ! J'suis super excité !

Anonymous said...

I am confused,was't Emma like fourth billed according to haters? Here she is named right after Streep. Uhmm...

Anonymous said...

"I am confused,was't Emma like fourth billed according to haters? Here she is named right after Streep. Uhmm..."

You know this for extras. It means nothing. Lets wait until the first poster/trailer eh babes?

Anonymous said...

Trini Alvarado was third billing in the 1994 movie and while a very talented and beautiful woman she was a "nobody". No malice here, but she wasn't famous and had no star power. If she managed to get that high , I expect Emma to get 2nd billing after Roman who is obviously the protagonist. Meryl Streep will be mentioned at the end following " With" , her role is basically a little more than a cameo

Lisa said...

What do you mean, “extras mean nothing”? Because nobody says they do.. (of course they are important but the individuals aren’t)

Anonymous said...

They didn't say 'extras mean nothing'. I'm assuming they meant that because this is aimed at potential extras and is essentially just an ad, it doesn't have any bearing on the final billing of the movie. They're likely just mentioning Emma and Streep because they're the biggest names attached to the project, attracting more attention to the casting call.