November 07, 2010

Emma Watson's talk shows in 2010

11 novembre: Daybreak (Source: ITV)
15 novembre: Late Show with Letterman (Source: CBS)
16 novembre: Regis & Kelly show (Source: Rupert-Grint.US)
16 novembre: Unscripted (with Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Tom Felton, Jason Isaacs and David Yates) (Source: Moviefone. Vous pouvez laissez vos questions dans les commentaires de leur site)


Emanuel said...

Are you still using the MSN account Eden?? Because i've talked to you just once (like a year ago :P) and then you got always as offline.

Eden said...

Since I created this address I probably went like three times on msn XD I only talk through emails. With msn there are always too many people to talk to and I'm easily lost ^_^

But when someone needs me to come, he says and I go.

Emanuel said...

Oh, ok. I thought you'd maybe blocked me... lol
See ya!!