June 09, 2011

Ask your questions to Emma Watson and the cast of Perks of Being a Wallflower

I’m excited to announce that we’re working with Summit Entertainment to bring you some really cool exclusive content from the cast & crew of the movie, which is filming in Pittsburgh.

We want YOUR questions for the cast & crew of The Perks of Being a Wallflower — and we’ll pick the best ones to send with Summit Entertainment to the set, where they’ll film the actors answering your questions and then post the responses online!

So check out the cast & more info about the project below, then drop your questions in the comments below! And remember, these are questions for ANY & ALL members of the cast & crew, not just specific people.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower Cast & Crew includes:
Stephen Chbosky: Author, Screenwriter & Director

Logan Lerman: Charlie

Emma Watson: Sam

Nina Dobrev: Candace

Paul Rudd: Bill

Ezra Miller: Patrick

Mae Whitman: Mary-Elizabeth

Kate Walsh: Charlie’s Mother
Dylan McDermott: Charlie’s Father
Source: NovelNovice

To ask your questions, click on the source.


Moizhawalchi said...

My question's to Emma Watson: I'm a very very big fan of Emma.. I wanted to ask her what difference does she feel to change a movie. As she has been a part of Harry Potter since beginning. It must not have been so easy to get out of Harry Potter... So, what was her new experience like??

Moizhawalchi said...

And, how did Emma feel leaving Harry Potter? Is she missing it and her co- stars?

Eve said...

I've got a question for Ezra :-) Simply love his acting <3

Did you read the novel "The Perks of Being a Wallflower" before you read the script for the movie? If yes, when was that and how did you like it?
Does Patrick have a lot of screentime in the movie?

Serge said...

Not interesting.The questions will not be answered truly,concerning on what kind of question it will be,as it will be real questions for actors about themselves.And for sure far not all the questions will be asked from them personally.We remember those "10 questions for Emma" from Time Magazine-there was thousands and thousands of them in comments,but those damn journalists asked Emma smth that we all already know,and they were sounds pretty like those stupid questions they ask her at each red carpet,and Emma's answers were still the same.Just another promo-action to make movie more interesting to watch and get more money for that.We'll never know any truth.

Serge said...

"To ask your questions, click on the source,PLEASEEE"

Anonymous said...

What about Johnny Simmons? I want to ask him some questions. Not about the movie, though.

Anonymous said...

Me too! Why isn't Johnny in the list?

Eden said...

You should ask that to those who are organising it, I don't know personally.

Anonymous said...

I don't know about this and why they are really doing it.Could be all a Promotion Thing the Actors must do.Would be better if they would do it on their own,but well.

I understand this as just Questions for the whole Cast and not just for Emma,Nina etc,right?

Eden said...

I don't know, they say "questions for ANY & ALL members of the cast & crew, not just specific people". To me it means that you can ask questions to specific people but not only, you can also asking the whole cast in the list.

Anonymous said...

They list people just to give examples, I'd imagine you can ask Johnny a question. I always like these things because a lot of the time they pick the unusual or funny questions to ask.

Eden said...

Oh yeah, maybe. Well, people can still ask questions to Johnny and others, they'll see if they're answered.

Anonymous said...

Johnny is Brad, right? Brad is not a major character, so I guess I can understand why he is not in the main list.

Anyway, the questions I have for Johnny would never be answered in a million years!

Anonymous said...

as far as i understood it the questions should be for the entire cast like "what do you like about the novel?".

but one thing is for sure: go to the website if you want to ask the question, here is no the rightplace.

Anonymous said...

oh and someone asked about emma and johnny :D

im sure there will be no answer to that.

Anonymous said...

Came across blog posting by someone who met Emma