August 29, 2012

Emma Watson with friends and her boyfriend out and about in London [23-26 August]

23 August, London, coming back from Iceland, and with her friends Amy and Sophie.

Same day, same city, with her boyfriend Will.

24 August, London, with Will.

Will's holding 1Q84: volume 1  by Haruki Murakami.

26 August, London, with Will.

Emma's holding Siddhartha by Hesse Hermann, and Will's holding Tracey Emin: Works 1963-2006, and once again 1Q84: volume 1  by Haruki Murakami.


Chris said...

I felt bad that their weekend walks kept getting ruined by the paps. It's an interesting book list the past month for Emma and Will, at least they have a broad base of interest for those two intellectually.

coslopus said...

Wow, Eden, I was wondering where you were! Glad to see you back and posting again.

I saw all of these pics online, there's about 100 in total. I sort of feel bad for her. She went out 4 days in a row, 3 with Will, and every single day she got snapped by the paparazzi. One day is manageable, but every single time must be annoying.

It's nice to see Emma happy with Will. They seem like they're really in love. She looks really beautiful, too. I'm starting to like this shoulder-length hair she has now.

By the way, these articles that posted these pics said Will is an amateur musician. Did anyone else know that before now?

Anonymous said...

I really like her street style from august 24, even if she shouldn't get followed by paps like this.

Anonymous said...

I read that Will was studying philosophy and was an avid tennis player at Boston College. There was a picture of a young man with the same name.But most people at the time agreed when it was blogged that it was not Emma's Will. They are an interesting couple and assuredly intellectually on level with one another. You have to speak about things other than beans.

Alexandra said...

It's her dog??

sparkvark111 said...


No, that is Sophie's dog. There is a still a slight pinkness to the fur. They where just walking the dog.