June 26, 2015

Emma Watson in Istanbul [June 25, 2015]

English actress Emma Watson managed to elude Turkish media throughout her low-key three-day holiday in Istanbul, but she lashed out at journalists as she was frisked by airport police on her way back home. 
The 25-year-old Harry Potter star visited Istanbul landmarks including the Hagia Sophia and the Basilica Cistern during her short holiday, before leaving her hotel in Taksim on the afternoon on June 25 to return to the U.K., daily Hürriyet has learned.

Traveling in a private car, Watson toured around Istanbul’s Atatürk Airport four times in a bid to elude journalists, before finally heading to her flight, accompanied by bodyguard Denise Morrone. At the airport’s VIP gate, however, she was unpleasantly surprised by the security gate insistently beeping as she passed. 
Watson’s discomfort turned to anger when Turkish paparazzi arriving at the scene started to photograph as airport police conducted a body search on her. Morrone opened an umbrella to shield Watson, who eventually boarded the British Airways flight after complaining about the journalist hoards to airport security.

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Unknown said...

Poor Emma, all she wanted was a nice holiday. It must be so awful to be photographed all the time. At least she didn't attack any paparazzi like some people do.

Anonymous said...

Was she allowed to wear such short dressen in Turkey?

Sisi said...

First of all, men and women are allowed to wear anything they want in Turkey, yes. I saw this that late because I've just found your blog Eden, this is really amazing. I hope you're gonna continue to make us happy. I am a follower too anymore. And secondly I think anger is the right feeling in that situation. But thanks to Emma she didn't attack anyone like GabbyGleek said. After all this is somebody's job. And as final words sadly I miss Emma and Denise together.

Turkish said...

Turkey is not Arabic country! Turkey is a secular country and free.