November 02, 2015

Sneaky picture of Emma Watson in NYC [November 1, 2015]

She was with the same man she was with on Friday. Before you ask, I have no clue who he is (friend? boyfriend? family?)



bobby peru said...

This is not a different day than the pictures we got from the paparazzis. It's the same day. She has the same hair and he wears the same clothes. And for the record I don't think he's her boyfriend. Furthermore there are other people in the table with them and the one on emma's left looks like one of emma's assistants or something. It could be for a new project hopefully? Or something with HeForShe?

Anonymous said...

Emma please go to RADA first before you do anymore!

Anonymous said...

She really needs to work on her acting.

Anonymous said...

She looks good, same people as on the 30th of Oct. Interesting.