June 07, 2016

Emma Watson makes new Our Shared Shelf announcements

Emma started by saying she will be interviewing Persepolis' author Marjane Satrapi in a couple of weeks for Vogue magazine.

Then, she announced there will be some changes for the book club:
First, after careful consideration I’ve decided to make books bi-monthly to give people enough time to borrow/buy, read and discuss each book (I hope this gives everyone some extra breathing space. For eager beavers and keen beans I might add a few extra things to look at when a new book is posted.

Second ! For the first time………….. I want YOU to decide what we read over July/August so I’ve set up a poll. I’ve added some ideas to get you going but I’d love to see your suggestions too if you feel strongly. I can’t wait to see what you all pick!

Emma x


Ross Taggart said...

progress and evolution Emma contributes when she has something to offer.

Anonymous said...

I donot like this beans comment. First, she is to insult a beaver, and then one bean? This is not good. When Emma started HeForShe, I thoughted we would be seeing many positive on beans, but now after Panama Papers she says beans are "keen"? She should be focusing on her acting career and beans. Only with beans is there equality. What she is doing now, this extreme/keen HeForShe beanism is not good for families.

Anonymous said...

I find the books inspiring so far and some easier to fathom than others; lol at the Anon above mine.
I can't wait to know the 'little extras' she has come up with and I have prepared a list of books to submit on the OSS per her request.

Ross Taggart said...

why not leave her alone and find something constructive to do with that swfitian wit of yours Anno's. If she sat back now and did nothing for the rest of her life she will still have done more for her art and the world in general that most people will in a life time.

You mock people for caring have you ever really asked yourself why you do that.

Anonymous said...

The UN needs to move on away from her as UN Ambassador. I see nothing positive in what she is doing with being on teh Shelf.