October 15, 2016

Emma Watson as Belle in 'Beauty and the Beast'

There are two other pictures floating around that I'm sure most of you (if not all) have seen already. Unfortunately these pictures were leaked, so Disney asked people to take them down which is the reason why I didn't post them in the first place. I don't know if they'd agree to this new picture but I post it and we'll see.


Sarah said...

Disney Russia posted the image and then they removed it...

Ross Taggart said...

These are awesome. One leak is a mistake two seems like carelessness.. Hope these are real and legal 😁 thanks for posting Eden.

Anonymous said...

Disney should release the trailer before it leaks too. Who leaked this new pic?

Anonymous said...

FWIW I had a brief conversation with someone who attended a screening of B&B earlier this year.

First the context.
I visited a neighbour in hospital late last week and he and his partner (business and professional) run a merchandising/licensing company and will often see films well prior to their release.
Now my neighbour is fairly ill and I don't know his partner very well so it was more 'conversation fill' rather than any in-depth discussion of B&B.

His views
Felt that the movie wasn't quite sure what it wanted to be (referenced Baz Luhrmann's Moulin Rouge).
Wasn't sure about EW's performance, felt that it was a role she didn't seem particularly comfortable in and he questioned her casting given her identification as Hermione.
Overall he was "a bit disappointed" as he had been looking forward to the the movie.

I don't know if he saw a final cut and whether he was influenced by his business interests, but at least it is one independent view and people can take it as they wish.

Anonymous said...