October 17, 2016

Emma Watson picks Maya Angelou's 'Me & Mom & Me' for Our Shared Shelf

"Dear Our Shared Shelf,

November and December’s book will be Mom & Me & Mom, Maya Angelou’s final work, published a year before her death, in 2013, when she was 85 years old. It was the first book to focus on her mother, Vivian Baxter, who abandoned Angelou when she was a child and it portrays their complicated relationship. The story is about the special connection between mother and child; both women found a way to move on and form a profound and enduring bond of love and support. 
Many of you may be familiar with Angelou’s 1969 classic, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, but that was just the first of seven works of autobiography. And, despite the length of time between their publications, some have referred to Mom & Me & Mom as a spiritual sequel to this first book. Angelou revisits episodes and people in her life mentioned in her previous works in a different context and all focused around her relationship with her mother.

Vivian Baxter cuts a fiercely unapologetic figure, imperfect but admirable, and we discover not just how she had a hand in Angelou’s evolution as a black woman but also in her feminist perspective, her independence and self-awareness, all of which contributed to her unique way of looking at the world and the way she expressed herself on the page. As a result, this is perhaps the greatest window into what shaped Angelou as a writer and poet and a fitting end to a lifetime of amazing works. 
This book is one I have read before and is one of my favourites - I can’t wait to hear your thoughts! 
Emma x"


Ross Taggart said...

Another diffrent choice looking forward to reading the book. Another aspect of feminism, intersectional though I have nor actually heard a full description of what that is.

Adarsh Singh Watson said...

That's Awesome

Ross Taggart said...

Ordered my copy today I have heard of the author and her work. Do not think I would have chosen this book but will trust Emma on this her selections so far have been brilliant.

Anonymous said...

No films coming up?