March 02, 2017

The day Emma Watson did a journalist's make-up


Anonymous said...

She's so sweet!!

Hazel said...

I always love her natural behavior. Thanks Emma!

Anonymous said...

Hallo Host - ich fände das mal ganz gut wenn du nicht einfach meine Kommentare löschen würdest nur weil du sie nicht verstehst! Es sind nur ein paar Wörter die jeder leo-nisch nach Googlen kann! Und sie sind in keinster Weise verletzlich!

Hazel said...

Hello German anon,
The Host is french. Can you speak English a little ?

In Deutsch: Hallo Anonymous
das ist eine französische Website. Sprichst du ein wenig Englisch ?

Hazel said...

Dear Eden,
I if you think a comment box will give International people a voice. I have to agree!
But cutting comments has to be done carefully.
So please keep in mind that with your cuts some irritation can given and advocts find its welcome!

Dear Eden thanks for your blog

Eden said...

Dear German-speaking anon who seems to know I don't understand a word of German yet keeps talking to me... in German. The reason why I deleted your comment is because according to Google translate you were insulting Emma. I apologize if that wasn't the case but Google's to blame. I can understand French English and Spanish if it helps.

Also the comma on my keyboard doesn't work anymore. Doesn't matter much but it bugs me that there's none between "French" and "English" so I had to say it XD

Anonymous said...

Vorsichtig welched Meinung du verkündest. Hast du kein Schulenglisch in der Schule gehabt. Das müsste reichen für den Blog und würde deine Sprachkenntnisse fördern. (I said to the German blogger)

Careful which opinion you give. Did you not have any English in school. That should be enought for the blog, and your language aptitude will improve.