December 25, 2017

Emma Watson covers Ooom - Germany (Winter 2018)

Emma is the second most inspiring person in the world according to an international jury.

2 Emma Watson, Actress and Activist
She is a megaphone for social issues in this world. As UN Women Goodwill Ambassador she has dedicated her efforts towards the empowerment of women, supported Camfed International—a movement that provides opportunities to young girls in Africa—advocated Fair Trade fashion and co-developed the UN campaign HeForShe. The Beauty and the Beast star traveled to Bangladesh, Zambia and Uruguay and added a mission to her highly successful acting career: to improve the world. A woman who inspires millions around the world.


PDXP said...

As someone who's been a fan of Emma since I was a kid and an intersectional feminist almost as long, and isn't the type to be endlessly critical of someone or hold them to impossible standards just because they're a celebrity, I personally don't think Emma really makes the cut here. A lot of this stuff is the sort of thing that sounds kind of good on first pass, but is pretty light on the real issues. That said, I don't know who else made the list - there could easily be far less deserving entries too.

Anonymous said...

what she does visiting places and women in poor countries is nothing new; it has been done for decades. Angelina Jolie has been doing it in our time . I don't know if she really made a difference other than adopting 3 children from these countries.

Anonymous said...

Well, like most media magazines are really no different. Its about selling and making profit. No offense to Bell Hooks but no one really gives a shit how much she may have done for feminism in the end she simply wont sell like EW would. Is that a good thing? You can be the judge of that. But at the end of the day magazines will continue to go to the money well to get their product sold and Emma is just a bigger sell even if she if she doesnt nearly have the resume as some other feminists.

Anonymous said...

I don't buy any of these mags; they are an insult to intelligentc. It seems truth hinges on popularity and a fantasy.