June 27, 2018

Emma Watson was at the Harry Potter Studios in London [June 25, 2018]

Emma was seen by a few people working at the Harry Potter Studio tour though noone gave the reason as to why she was there and obviously noone took any picture because they probably wanted to keep their job.

Why am I posting this if there are no pictures? Because news are inexistant slow and I need to fill the blog.


Anonymous said...

Don't worry! You can post news like this anytime you want, at least we have somethin! I'm curious to know why she was there and positively surprised because sometimes I have the perception that she doesn't like the saga so much anymore, but it's just my thought.

Anonymous said...

Do you know where she was the day of her birthday? I've heard she was spotted in London but it wasn't a reliable source.

Anonymous said...

She obviously was there for 'fantastic acting careers and where to find them.'