March 13, 2017

Emma Watson covers Säde - Estonia (Spring 2017)

sade kai-riin


Ross Taggart said...

She is certainly putting in the hours. Even accounting for syndication of the articles.

Anonymous said...

Ross you realise these are just the same native shots that she done in a shoot once off, and they get used a dozen times for different magazines in different countries. The same interviews tend to be used too, sometimes they mix and match various interviews. Id wager that she spent one afternoon(if that) on what turned out to be about 30 different magazine covers/articles. Its the same for every celeb and sports person when they seem to be on the front of everything for a while.

They dont literally do any work or hours for each mag outside that one day/afternoon.

You seem very naive.

Ross Taggart said...

And you seem very mean but I am sure you are just careless you will note a did say "even accounting for syndication" which is the process you are referring too. Still be that as it may naive is far from the worst thing to be and a little nativity is needed for all idealists I suspect.

Anonymous said...

If someone just informing you of a basic process in a very non-aggressive manner is 'very mean' then I dont know how you get up in the morning.