February 03, 2015

Emma Watson was briefly on BBC Radio 1 this morning [February 3]

Douglas Booth (Emma's co-star in 'Noah', they also posed together for one of the Burberry's campaign) was on BBC Radio 1 this morning for Comic Relief, and while they were taking calls, one of the callers happened to be Emma.

They talked a bit about the kiss on 'Noah', when Ila jumps in Shem's arms, that made Emma bleed a bit. She talked about being excited about the snow outside, in London. Douglas answered by saying he was excited about 'Beauty and the Beast', to which she said:
I'm very excited too. I'm singing my little heart out most days of the week at the moment.
When Nick Grimshaw (radio host) asked if she had any question for Douglas (who Emma calls Doug, sometimes Dougie), she said:
My vet is calling me right now. My cat swallowed a shoe lace last night.
Then jokingly asked what he would do in this situation.


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GoldenGemster said...

I think it's rather sweet that she was so concerned about her cat. Anyone who loves cats and dogs is a friend of mine. I do hope that little moggy is hail and hearty now. :)